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Fossil fuel companies are under public pressure to address the climate crisis and reduce pollution. In response, almost 40% of US gas is now “certified” by third-party companies, allowing fossil fuel producers to claim reduced methane emissions from their operations. The problem? The claims are false. Gas certification threatens climate goals by promoting false data and enabling gas companies to continue or expand operations under the guise of reduced emissions.

The science is clear: to meet our climate goals, we must phase out polluting methane gas. Truly emissions-free gas is not possible, and no amount of methane pollution is safe for people and the planet. The fossil fuel industry is racing ahead to turn “certified” gas into a lifeline, enabling it to extract as much profit as possible by justifying more fracking, pipelines, and polluting export facilities.



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"Natural” gas is mostly methane, a climate super-pollutant that warms the planet more than 80 times as much as carbon dioxide.

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Methane leaks constantly — from fracking wells, pipelines, storage facilities and even the appliances in our homes.

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Research shows “certification” companies frequently fail to register the pollution they are supposed to be monitoring, raising questions about the validity of “certified” gas schemes.

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We can’t meet our climate goals without transitioning away from polluting methane gas. Truly emissions-free gas is not possible, and no amount of methane pollution is safe for people and the planet.




Gas Leaks

February 12, 2024

Senators Call for Crack Down on "Certified" Gas Greenwashing

Today a group of Senators led by Ed Markey urged the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to crack down on the fossil fuel industry’s marketing of “certified” natural gas — an increasingly popular but completely unregulated concept that claims to produce gas with lower methane emissions.


Certified Disasters

January 25, 2024

Gas Certification Programs Will Never Motivate the Worst Polluters

The oil and gas industry claims programs to “certify” gas will reduce emissions and allow them to market their gas as clean and safe for the climate. But a look at the companies that have committed to certification, and those who haven’t, highlights why voluntary programs fail to motivate the worst methane polluters – and why gas certification isn’t a viable climate solution.

Use the map below to see methane pollution events that “certified” gas companies missed:


Click on the yellow and red icons to view the details of each instance we found pollution and find out whether Project Canary monitors captured it too.

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